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Player Testimonials

Frequent and transparent communication is the key for us to build longterm relationships with our players
I have been working with Jan and Blacktop Management since 2020 and during this time I have built a strong relationship with them. Our open and honest communication has helped me to improve my game on and off the basketball court. For example, we have talked a lot about career planning and building my own brand in addition to basketball related stuff. And the best thing is that Jan and Ville are always available for their players by calling or texting. I am looking forward to improving step by step and keeping Blacktop Management by my side for many more years!
Elias Valtonen

ACB Spain, Basketball Championsleague, National Team Finland

I have been signed with Jan and Blacktop since 2013. I can honestly say he helped save my career. Not only a great agent but a good friend that genuinely cares about his player’s well being. He has done his best to place me in the best situations possible year after year.
Billy McShepard

Pro since 2011, played in North America, Asia, South America, Europe

Joining Blacktop back in 2017 really helped me gain the experiences I had been looking for in Europe for quite some time. I can’t thank Jan enough for pushing my career to new levels and can honestly say he’s the best agent I have had. He is always been there whether on or off the court issues, I appreciate him as a brother for life! Even after retirement I know we will continue to work together as well as have a life-long friendship!
Rene Rougeau

Pro since 2010, played in America, Australia, Europe. College: UNLV

I have always thought that when I want to take steps forward in my career, I need the help of a trustworthy agent, who will work on my behalf regardless the circumstances. I can honestly say, that working with Blacktop Management and Jan has proven to be the best choice I could make. With the help of Jan I have been able to take on a regular basis steps forward in my career and due to his professional skills I am playing now at a level, where a few years ago, I never thought I could make it to
Topias Palmi

Serie A Italy, National Team Finland, FIBA Europe Cup

Signing with Jan and Blacktop Management going into my rookie season turned out to be the best possible decision I could have made. Jan has been through it all with me and has never let me down. He went above and beyond even in my toughest times as a professional player and worked tirelessly to make sure I always ended up in the best possible situation. With his complete honesty, constant communication, and positivity Jan really makes you feel as part of his family and I look forward to having him with me for the rest of my career. He truly is more than just an outstanding agent, but also a great friend. Loyalty over Royalty!”
Philip Jalalpoor

BBL Germany, FIBA Europe Cup, Tokyo Olympics 2021

For the first half of my career I never had an agent, because I had heard such bad things about agents in general and I thought I can handle all my deals just as well myself. Once I got my first offer to go play overseas I reached out to Jan to help me out because I had heard good things about him from my fellow players. And it was one of the best decisions of my professional career. Jan helped me in so many ways and got me the best deal of my career. But the best thing about Jan is, that he was also there when things went south and shit really hit the fan. Blacktop´s legal services during a FIBA BAT dispute are absolute topnotch. Jan has gone the extra mile every time I’ve needed him and has never let me down. He really put’s loyalty over royalty as the Blacktop management slogan goes. I consider Jan more that an agent, he is also my Friend.
Juho Nenonen

Pro since 2008, played in Europe and South America. National Team Finland. FIBA Liga Sudamericana, FIBA Europe Cup

Blacktop Alumni

Collaboration with Blacktop Management has enabled me to gain better opportunities to improve myself as a player. It has also provided me the opportunity to reach my goals as a professional basketball player. With Jan, I highly appreciate his expertise and the fact that he communicates with his players a lot. I’ve been able to create a mutual trust with Jan.
Matti Nuutinen

National Team player Finland. Experience: 1x FIBA World Cup, 3x FIBA European Championship, FIBA Eurocup, FIBA Europe Cup, VTB League

I met Jan my senior year at the Portsmouth NBA camp. We talked there and even though I got a good vibe I decided to go in a different direction with an agent. Fast forward to my rookie year: When I decided to switch agents after my rookie year, Jan was the first guy I contacted. He was honest with me from day one and told me he’d work his hardest to get me jobs and that’s exactly what he did. Within the first month with him we got a deal done at the beginning of summer. Jan is a hard working guy but equally a honest and a good guy. Not only do we have a business relationship but personal also. At Blacktop they make you feel like family and make sure you’re taken care of and not lead you in the wrong direction. And personally, that’s all i can ask for as an athlete from an agent/agency. Looking forward to working with Jan and Blacktop for many years to come.
Saah Nimley

NCAA All-American Honorable Mention, Portsmouth Invitational (NBA Pre Draft), NCAA #5 in scoring 21.4ppg, Pro since 2015

To me it has been important that the agency is trusthworthy, straightforward and loyal under all circumstances so you know you are being represented in the tough business of professional sports. It is also important that you are being introduced to all interesting teams instead of just being a name on a long list of offerings.

I have seen how different agencies operate and I have had different agencies representing me. I have seen what it is being part of a big agency with NBA and Euroleague pIayers as their clients but also the other end of spectrum working with smaller and more local agencies.

Based on what I feel is important and how different agencies and agents have operated I have chosen Blacktop as my agency. Jan has stood beside me and he cares about his clients as athletes, personalities and human beings. He understands this is more than just a job for us and he has created a family like atmosphere in Blacktop. We talk, we can be honest or even argue about things but at the end of the day I know Jan is doing what is best for me and my career and I can trust him. Many players change agencies throughout their careers but in Blacktop guys want to stay. That fact itself tells a lot. ?

Samuel Haanpää

Valparaiso University (NCAA), Pro in Italy, Spain, France, Argentina, Sweden, Finland, Cyprus. Also played: FIBA Europe Cup, FIBA European Championships.