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Frequent and transparent communication is the key for us to build longterm relationships with our players

Collaboration with Blacktop Management has enabled me to gain better opportunities to improve myself as a player. It has also provided me the opportunity to reach my goals as a professional basketball player. With Jan, I highly appreciate his expertise and the fact that he communicates with his players a lot. I’ve been able to create a mutual trust with Jan.

Matti Nuutinen

National Team player Finland. Experience: 1x FIBA World Cup, 3x FIBA European Championship, FIBA Eurocup, FIBA Europe Cup, VTB League

I have been signed with Jan and Blacktop since 2013. I can honestly say he helped save my career. Not only a great agent but a good friend that genuinely cares about his player’s well being. He has done his best to place me in the best situations possible year after year.

Billy McShepard

Pro since 2011, played in North America, Asia, South America, Europe

I met Jan my senior year at the Portsmouth NBA camp. We talked there and even though I got a good vibe I decided to go in a different direction with an agent. Fast forward to my rookie year: When I decided to switch agents after my rookie year, Jan was the first guy I contacted. He was honest with me from day one and told me he’d work his hardest to get me jobs and that’s exactly what he did. Within the first month with him we got a deal done at the beginning of summer. Jan and Dimitrios are hard working guys but equally honest and good guys. Not only do we have a business relationship but personal also. At Blacktop they make you feel like family and make sure you’re taken care of and not lead you in the wrong direction. And personally, that’s all i can ask for as an athlete from an agent/agency. Looking forward to working with Jan and Blacktop for many years to come.

Saah Nimley

NCAA All-American Honorable Mention, Portsmouth Invitational (NBA Pre Draft), NCAA #5 in scoring 21.4ppg, Pro since 2015


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