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Player Testimonials

Frequent and transparent communication is the key for us to build longterm relationships with our players
I have been working with Jan and Blacktop Management since 2020 and during this time I have built a strong relationship with them. Our open and honest communication has helped me to improve my game on and off the basketball court. For example, we have talked a lot about career planning and building my own brand in addition to basketball related stuff. And the best thing is that Jan and Ville are always available for their players by calling or texting. I am looking forward to improving step by step and keeping Blacktop Management by my side for many more years!
Elias Valtonen

ACB Spain, Basketball Championsleague, National Team Finland

Joining Blacktop back in 2017 really helped me gain the experiences I had been looking for in Europe for quite some time. I can’t thank Jan enough for pushing my career to new levels and can honestly say he’s the best agent I have had. He is always been there whether on or off the court issues, I appreciate him as a brother for life! Even after retirement I know we will continue to work together as well as have a life-long friendship!
Rene Rougeau

Pro since 2010, played in America, Australia, Europe. College: UNLV

Being part of Blacktop Management has been an amazing journey. I signed with Blacktop in 2021, and since then, my career has only been going forward. I began at a small club in Copenhagen, and with the help of Jan and Ville, I progressed to the next level in Germany. One of the best things about being a part of this agency is our communication about my progress and how things are going.
Bakary Dibba

BBL Germany, National Team Denmark

Joining Blacktop Management and Jan was probably the best decision I made in 2017. As a University kid coming into the Professional space, I wasn’t sure the ins and outs of it, but Jan and his team has really made the transition everything I would have hoped for and more. The environment created is like family, yes the basketball is primary but helping me through my highs and lows in my life also never has gone unnoticed and anyone who joins will get that same feeling from everyone involved in Blacktop Management. Loyalty Over Royalty!
Javon Masters

Alltime leading scorer U-Sports Canada, BBL Germany


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